Baptizer Information

Hello Baptizers! 

We are so glad you're going to be a part of our student baptism service. Here's some information that we feel will help prepare you for the night. Please read through this page and submit your comments as soon as possible. 

1. Watch this video from 1:57-:400

Points to remember:

  • Make sure you connect briefly with the person you're baptizing

  • You'll have a chance to "air practice" before the service

  • The most important cue to remember is to have them bend their knees


2. Prepare your comments

You’ll have a few moments to share a special moment between you and the person your baptizing. You should start thinking of what you'll want to say while you're in the water before you baptize your baptizee.

Points to remember:

  • You are encouraged to say a few, brief, encouraging words about the person you're baptizing while you're in the water.

  • This does NOT need to be extensive; think 10 seconds or less

  • Your closing line should be, " I baptize you in the name of the Father, and the Son and the Holy Spirit"

  • If you need help, let us know!

3. Submit the form below

Name *
We'll provide you with a "Death. Burial. Resurrection." shirt. Remember that you'll likely be wearing another shirt underneath, so take that into consideration with sizing.


That's it for now. We'll follow up with you for more information the week of the baptism service. 

Thanks for helping us make More Students become More like Jesus through baptism!