Fall Impact Retreat Recap

NYM <3's ADK

Without fail, Fall Impact is one of the top-rated NYM trips of the year! It's hard to nail down which part of the trip is the best...

  • Is it the beautiful weather and incredible scenery? 
  • Is it the break that the students experience from technology with limited (if existent) cell phone signal? 
  • Is it the 3 hour van rides full of games and singing and laughing and stories and...occasional sleeping (followed by inevitable pranking)? 
  • Is it the hike up Bald Mountain where we eat our lunches overlooking a breathtaking view?
  • Maybe its the football games, or ultimate frisbee or Kan Jam or Euchre or Ping Pong perpetually being played somewhere on site?
  • Let's be honest: it's probably the food the McIntyres cooked up for us! 

This year was just another installment in a long history of fantastic memory-making trips up to Moose River Baptist Youth Camp. Each portion of the trip came off without a hitch, and we are so grateful to the Youth Leaders who gave up time to make this trip possible! 

During our Sessions, we discussed how much we'd be willing to risk to be obedient to God: Our reputation? Our schedules? Our Friendships? Our lives? By looking at inspirational characters like Daniel and his friends who courageously obeyed and ultimately looking to Jesus who obeyed even to the point of dying for our sins, we were challenged and encouraged to continue risking everything we have in order to follow Jesus, our forgiver and leader! 

Wanna see some pictures? Click on the pictures below to get a glimpse into what our trip was like! There should be more coming as time goes on! 

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