Get Prepared for this Weekend

Get Ready! 

This weekend will be a great one in the life of NYM! Both Nitro and Fusion have got some great new series planned that will be very practical to where students are living every day. 

But before we tell you about those, we thought you should know two quick things:

  1. It's not too late to turn in a baptism application! Click HERE to get the info you need and turn it in ASAP! We want to baptize as many students as possible on December 21! 
  2. If you want a hoodie (student or parent) click HERE to order one and get it delivered to your campus on Sunday! 

In Nitro ...

Faith  Series

Faith Series

We'll be beginning a brand new series called Faith. t's a 3 part series, and in Week 1 we'll be exploring the Big Idea that God Can be Trusted. All of us need a reminder of of the fact that Faith is a crucial part of being a Christ-Follower, and this series will help cement that for all our students and leaders. 

In Fusion...

We will be beginning a brand new series called Prepared. In this 3 week video series from Andy Stanley, we'll be exploring the answer this question, How can I defend my faith without losing my mind? We're convinced it's going to be very helpful to students and leaders alike. You can actually watch the talk we'll be viewing this Sunday night just by clicking HERE. It's easy to access all 3 weeks of videos, and we think you'll be glad you did! 


Parents - stay tuned for Parent Discussion starters coming on Sunday afternoon. We want to help prompt you to lead in meanginful discussions at those pivotal moments! 

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