Parent Conversation Starters - October 19

Get Talking

Thanks for letting us partner with you to raise students that love Jesus. Try these as conversation starters as you drive home from Youth Group tonight! Authenticity and listening are key. Give it a shot! 

Nitro Parents - 

  • Bottom Line - God can be Trusted
  • What stood out to you tonight from the talk?
  • What are some reasons that you know you can trust God? 
  • What do you do in times when it's not easy to trust God? 
  • Parent - Share the answer to this question: What is a situation that you faced that caused your faith to grow? 

Fusion Parents - 

  • What stood out to you tonight from the talk?
  • Why makes it hard to share the reason for your hope in passing conversations? 
  • What was the big idea that Andy encouraged you to say when someone asks why you're a Christian? 
  • What is the foundation of a Christian's HOPE? (Answer: The Resurrection of Jesus from the Dead)

Again if you want to watch tonight's talk from Fusion, just go to!