NYM Student Leadership

Leaders Serve

At NYM, we are all about More and Better teen disciples of Jesus. One of the ways that we like to chase after that goal is student leadership. This program is really the result of the fact that we truly believe students have something invaluable to contribute to the church. Their gifts, their talents and their perspectives are real and important! So, we've created an opportunity for students who are ready to take the next step in leadership: they step up to leadership by stepping down to serve. 

In both Fusion and Nitro, older students are presented with a chance to apply and be accepted onto the Student Leadership teams. Each Fall, 8th graders in Nitro and 10th-12th graders in Fusion can turn in an application to communicate that they want to set the pace for the spiritual tone of their group, think deeper about the direction of the ministry, and most importantly, get their hands dirty in serving their friends and peers

The Key Leaders in both Fusion and Nitro meet with their respective student leaders on a regular basis to strategize, train and pray for continued growth in the areas God is already working. We see this student leadership as a pivotal way for students to never "out-grow" NYM: While they are with us, there will always be room to grow....because being a leader like Jesus, means being a leader who serves. And nobody out-grows service. 

We're proud to introduce this year's student leaders for Nitro and Fusion: 

Nitro Jr. Leaders: 

  • Anna Baxter 
  • Olivia Bixby
  • Taylor Phillips
  • Eli Walters
  • Luke Walters 

Fusion Student Leaders: 

  • Adam Bixby
  • Jacob Burgett
  • Zachary Burgett
  • Isaac Gagarinas
  • Abby Heckman
  • Beka Jamison
  • Brooke Nelson
  • Emma Palermo
  • Ally Turner
  • Emily Whiting
  • Ian Woodall
  • Ally Woodward

Our Fusion Student Leaders will be leaving this Friday for a 2 night retreat at Baptist Bible College called Feed the Fire. This retreat helps us strategize for the year and bond as a leadership team. Would you pray for us as we travel and meet?

We'd love to see amazing life-change happen through both our Fusion and Nitro Student Leaders this year!