Parent Conversation Starters - November 2

Get Talking

We're here to help you. Here's this week's attempt at serving your family through facilitating meaningful and important conversations about the content we are covering at Nitro and Fusion. 

Nitro Parents: 

Bottom Line: Believing requires Action. 

  • What was something that stuck out to you tonight? Why is that? 
  • Where are you in your faith in Christ? Just figuring this thing out? Trying to understand and trust God’s character? Knowing God is telling you to do something but aren’t doing it? Rock solid?  
  • Why do you think it’s so hard sometimes to take the next step God is asking you to take? 
  • How are you coming with the memory verse? Can we work on memorizing it together?  (It's Hebrews 11:1)
  • Wherever you are in your faith in Christ, how can we pray for you? 

Fusion Parents:

  • What was something that stuck out to you tonight? Why is that? 
  • What was the first response Andy recommended Christians give when someone mentions they don't believe in/trust a "good God" because there is evil in the world? (Answer: Have you ever read anything on that topic?)
  • If you could, what's one evil thing in the world that you would love to end right now? Why?
  • What is the most important thing you learned during this series? 
  • Do you want to watch these again with me sometime? 
  • Parent: Share a story of a time when God used something that seemed awful at the time but turned out to have positive results (even in the midst of pain). 

Remember, you can watch this series with us by going to!