Weekend Preview (November 2)

This Just In

We're working hard to make each weekend a chance when students can build key relationships, connect faith with everyday life and invest in the lives of others. We think this weekend has that potential for you or your student. Are you in? 

In Nitro we'll be finishing our series called Faith. You know what the Bible says about faith in God without action to back it up? in the book of James, it says that kind of faith is dead. It also says that without faith in God, our actions don’t mean anything. Without faith, your actions become a checklist of good deeds we do for God. Those truths may sound like they go against each other. But what the Bible is saying is that faith in Christ and action work together. You can’t have one without the other. Come to this Sunday and find out how to put your faith in action. And let's be honest: Nitro is just way too much fun to miss. So be there!

In Fusion we'll be finishing the video series Prepared with Andy Stanley. We've talked about a few tough topics, but this one is the toughest: the problem of pain. How can a good God allow pain in the world? The answer is not something you'll want to miss. Also, as promised, we're handing out cheat cards to remember these answers when it matters most! Come to Fusion.. bring a friend! 

Remember, you can watch along with us by going to www.preparedseries.org! 

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