Jr. High Teen Extravaganza Recap

Retreats Rock

There is no doubt in anyone's mind after Teen Extravaganza at Bethany Camp that Retreats Rock! We rode Zip Lines, we played Octo-Ball, we ate lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of candy, we played Ultimate Frisbee, we ate delicious snacks from the Bistro, we laughed like crazy and we made memories with each other that will last a lifetime! 

During our Chapel times together, HeartSong from Cedarville University rocked out and lead us all in powerful and meaningful moments of praising God for the incredible things He has done for us. We're so glad that they gave up time from their college schedules to serve us in that way!

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NYM's own Aaron Hixson spoke to our students and challenged us to think through the question, "Who Am I?". For those who are Christ-followers, that answer is a resounding, "I Am God's!" - and that has HUGE implications for how we should live our lives. Aaron challenged us to Obey, Serve and Share because we are God's Children. Maybe you could follow up with a Nitro student you love and ask them what aspect of this time stood out to them, and what changes they need to make in order to live out the truth of being a child of God.  

All in all, this experience was a great one for our students and committed adult leaders. There's just nothing like spending extended time together and building relationships that are centered on Jesus. (And because these amazing adult leaders gave up a weekend sleeping in cabins away from their families... they might appreciate a call or text or trip to Starbucks. They're people too!)

Thanks for sending students to Nitro's Fall Retreat - Teen Extravaganza! It was a great start to a year full of chances to make more and better teen disciples of Jesus! 

If your student is in High School, their retreat is this weekend, October 10-12! Get all the information you need HERE

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