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You can help us improve

Last night was a great night of program all the way around! Students were interacting with each other, God's Word and caring adult leaders which is a recipe for success every single time. 


... we know it's not perfect. We know there are ways we could improve. And we know that we don't know what you know. So we're giving you a chance to help us improve by giving your suggestions about how NYM could get better! 

At the bottom of every page on this website you'll find a link that says "Make a Suggestion" - If you have thoughts about we could better connect with parents or students or about what the coolest game on planet earth is, we want to know about it! So click HERE or navigate to the bottom of any page on our website and suggest away! Don't hold back. More and Better teen followers is our goal, and we're dying for your feedback about how to get there better, faster and more efficiently! 

Thanks in advance for your suggestions and ideas!