Parent Conversation Starters (November 23, 2014)

Get Talking

We're here to help you. Here's this week's attempt at serving your family through facilitating meaningful and important conversations about the content we are covering at Nitro and Fusion. 

Nitro Parents: 

Bottom Line: Your next step in Faith may lead to their first step toward faith. 

  • What stood out to you from the talk tonight?

  • What are the things that you are most excited to talk about? 

  • If you're the best person to reach your friends, what is a chance that need to make or take to extend an invite?

  • In what ways could inviting someone help you grow in faith?

  • Parent: Share a time when you made a big invite. Tell about the results (no matter what they are!)

Fusion Parents: 

Bottom Line: If you want your days to count, count your days. 

Time is the only resource that we all have the same amount of. Moses understood that if we want to have influence and fulfill God's calling on our lives, we have to understand that time is a limited and valuable resource. That's why he prayed that God would help him to "Number his days" in Psalm 90:12. If we want our lives to count, we've got to make sure we count our days and use them wisely! 

  • What was something that stuck out to you tonight? Why is that? 
  • When you do tend to waste time the most? 
  • Why is it important that we count our days? 
  • What are your top priorities that should be receiving quality time?
  • How can I help you manage your time better so you can put your time toward your priorities?
  • Parent: Share the story of how you've learned to manage time and what tools are most important in helping you do that. 
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