Flower City Work Camp: Get Involved


That the City might see Jesus 

Part 2 of 3

(If you missed Part 1 of this series of blogs, just click HERE to read it!)

As was mentioned in the first blog, Flower City Work Camp is an event orchestrated by a team of local volunteers that brings together hundreds of students and adults across the city of Rochester to provide material care, love, compassion and truth to needy people in our city. Spanning denominations and associations, this eclectic group of Christ-followers join hands for one week each year to attempt to make a difference in Rochester: in order that the City might see Jesus. If you want to read about a typical day at FCWC, click HERE

But this blog is less about FCWC, and more about the people required to make it happen - and that's YOU! Due to the fact that this event is entirely run by volunteers, the leadership has developed a clear and reasonable system of adult to student ratios that each church must meet in order to participate. Here is an attempt to (concisely) describe these requirements (these roles will be outlined in greater detail at the end of this blog): 

  • The FCWC leadership specifically requests that we pray earnestly that this event would make a difference in the students and in our city!
  • Also, for every 4 Students participating in FCWC, a church must provide at least 1 adult in one of the following roles: Work Site Leader, Sidewalk Club Leader or Basketball Camp Coach. 
  • For every 8 Students participating in FCWC, a church must provide 1 additional adult to act as a "Go-Fer" (material acquisition), First Aid assistant, Food Prep helper or Prayer Walker. 
  • Each church must provide an overnight leader (one male, one female) for each of the 3 nights of camp
  • Finally, Each church must provide one day's Lunch at a Work Site 

This means that if Northridge Church were to send 16 Students to FCWC, and if each of these roles were played by a different person (and 3 people were to band together to make lunch), we would  have 15 adults participating! 

As you can see, we are deeply dependent upon parent participation and church support in order to send students to FCWC each year. And this year is no different! Without the right amount of parent/adult support, this event is not possible! 

So here's what we're asking you to do: read the descriptions of the roles below and prayerfully consider how you and your spouse (and your Community Group?) could get involved. When you've decided, just click HERE to indicate your interest, and we'll quickly follow up with you to get you forms/applications necessary. It's important for you to know that the hard deadline for adult leader applications is December 10th. Especially for first-time volunteers, that means it is very important that you act now in order to ensure you are ready to go in the proper timeframe. 

There are a variety of levels of participation from multiple days, to one full day and all the way down to just a few hours. If you're willing, there are ways we could use your help! 

At this time of the year, we reflect on how much God has blessed us, both spiritually and materially. Would you consider serving our church, our students and our city by becoming an Adult Leader at Flower City Work Camp? Students lives are impacted each year by this meaningful event... you can play a role in that life change. You can help produce that environment for growth. We'd love to see you at FCWC this year! 

Possible Roles

  • Work Site Leader - These leaders provide planning, direction and support on Work Sites, while enabling participating students to do the ministry work.
  • Sidewalk Club Leader - Sidewalk Clubs are a mini-Vacation Bible School type ministry that operates alongside Work Sites in City neighborhoods. Leaders provide planning, direction and support while allowing the students to do the ministry work.
  • Basketball Camp Coach - The Coach works with Work Camp teens to help lead skills and scrimmage events at a City-based mini-camp. The Coach needs to provide planning, direction and support, while allowing the students to do the ministry work.
  • Overnight Leader - They provide counsel and support to the students during the programs and evening discussion at Home Base. You can serve a single night or multiple nights. 
  • "Go-Fer" - The Go-Fers support Work Site teams by responding to requests for materials or other supplies. Gofer activities include purchasing and delivering materials, moving tools or supplies between sites and transporting students as necessary.
  • First Aid - First Aid personnel provide 24-hour on-site first aid care in case of emergency.  . It is not necessary to commit to all three days of Work Camp; nursing duties are spread among several individuals as schedules permit.
  • Food Prep - You may serve by helping to prepare and serve the breakfasts and/or dinners provided at Home Base, or help with the Snack Bar in the evenings.
  • Prayer Walker - Each work site goes on a daily Prayer Walk in the neighborhood in which they are serving. Prayer Walk Leaders make it possible for the students to be bold in prayer as they take a walk around the neighborhood, praying for the people and needs they encounter. Scheduling is very flexible. 
  • Lunch Provision - The church is responsible for preparing the meal and delivering it to the assigned site no later than 12:00 noon. The leader of this role will be contacted regarding lunch suggestions, the location and contact person for our church’s assigned site, the number of individuals to be fed on our assigned site, and any food allergies or other dietary concerns on the site.
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