Parent Conversation Starters - November 30, 2014

Get Talking

We're here to help you. Here's this week's attempt at serving your family through facilitating meaningful and important conversations about the content we are covering at Nitro and Fusion. 

Nitro Parents: 

New Series: A Different Kind of Christmas

Bottom Line: Nitro is partnering with Mission Share to meet the needs of the hurting in our area

  • What stood out or challenged you from The talk?

  • Why should Christ Followers be the most generous to others this Christmas?

  • The students were given a handout with information on how they can help meet needs for Mission Share. Ask them "What they are going to do to give toward Nitros Advent conspiracy project."

  • As a parent, share a time when generosity (on your part or someone else's) changed your life or perspective. 

Fusion Parents: 

New Series: How to Do Community

Bottom Line: Life is Better Connected 

  • What was something that stuck out to you tonight? Why is that? 
  • What is the first step toward doing community well? (Answer: to believe that Life is better Connected)
  • What are some reasons that were given for why Community Matters so much? (It makes your life better, it makes you better)
  • Parent: Share about your Community Group and how it helps you become a better Christ-Follower. Or maybe you can share your intentions to join a group!