Weekend Preview (November 9, 2014)

Coming at you, this weekend

As always, there's more coming your way this weekend at Nitro and Fusion. But we're starting off a brand new series in both groups that we think will take us all to a new level. 

In Nitro... our series is called REACH: Pi2 Living. As you might suspect, we'll be talking about to live a life characterized by a heart that is praying, investing and inviting (Pi2) in people far from God.  We believe that God is calling everyone (including Jr. Higher) to be on mission for their family, school and city, so we'll be seeing what that looks for the next 3 weeks. Oh yeah. And having a blast. 

In Fusion... our series is called No Limits. We'll be jumping into the life of Moses and seeing how God can take our lives (as broken or unimpressive as they are) and turn them into something that has massive influence. We all want to be heard and make our lives matter, and we'll discuss how to take that first step this weekend! We're jumping back into singing together with M28 as well, so get ready for a great night!