Flower City Work Camp Needs You


That the city might see Jesus 

Part 3 of 3

(If you missed them, you can catch up by reading PART 1 and PART 2 of this series)

As was mentioned in the first blog, Flower City Work Camp is an event orchestrated by a team of local volunteers that brings together hundreds of students and adults across the city of Rochester to provide material care, love, compassion and truth to needy people in our city. Spanning denominations and associations, this eclectic group of Christ-followers join hands for one week each year to attempt to make a difference in Rochester: in order that the City might see Jesus. If you want to read about a typical day at FCWC, click HERE. 

This blog is intended to give you a situation update and call for increased adult involvement in order to increase our participation potential. 

In short, Northridge Youth needs YOU to get involved with Flower City Work Camp! 

The deadline for adult participant registrations is December 10th. 

With our current level of adult participation, we are able to send 4 students. 

While a number of adults have indicated interest, we need more of those who would be able to coach at the Basketball Clubs, lead a Work Site or lead a Sidewalk Club. These crucial roles are the most important in increasing our total number of students allowed to participate. 

We believe that FCWC is a powerful event in the lives of the students who attend, and we want to send all of those who are interested if we can! They'll experience things that, we pray, will ignite their ability to connect faith with everyday life. However, that's not possible without adult participation. 

How could you get involved? What skills do you have? What time could you give? NYM needs YOU to serve with Flower City Work Camp. Are you in? 

To indicate interest (or just possible interest!) click HERE and we'll answer your questions! 

To get a fuller pictures of what roles are available and how the ratio of adults to students is tabulated, read Part 2 of this series HERE

Especially if your student is one of those who would like to attend FCWC, we'd like to ask you to consider getting involved! 

If you have any further questions or suggestions, please don't hesitate to reach out - We're here to help.