NYM Student Baptism Service Recap

Baptism Service Recap

Last night was a historic night - and one that we'll be talking about here at NYM for a long time. 

There are so many incredible stories we could tell you from our first ever Student Baptism Service, but here's the bottom line - As 280 people watched and cheered, 9 Students went public with their faith through baptism! 

The energy here at the Irondequoit Campus was electric - from the start of the service until the very end. Together, as a group, we cheered like crazy for all 9 stories (including some students staging a "white out" while brandishing noise makers and waving mini-towels like it was the Super Bowl: only better). We also, as a group, cried tears of excitement and joy as parents expressed their exhilaration at the thrill of baptizing their children. There was singing, and laughing and crying and cheering and... well, maybe you just had to be there. It was a night to remember. 

For those who could make it - thank you so much for supporting NYM and these students and their families. It means the world to us that you lent your presence and excitement. 

For those who couldn't make it - Don't worry. This service (and lots of pictures) will be available online soon. Check back here for updates on when that's available! 

For those who made it possible - From running lights to cameras to making cookies and running vacuums: NYM loves your heart for service. You are the heroes that make nights like this (life-changing nights!) possible for those you serve. We love you! 

Here's the truth - If there is a better Christmas present out there than last night, we don't know what it is. 

And if you were wondering... that won't be the last time we do this. You can count on it.