Social Media Update

Hey NYM! 

Some of you have been faithfully following NYM via Facebook by becoming a member of NYM Facebook GROUP. Starting on Saturday, September 13th, that Group is being Decommissioned. Due to the fact that Groups on Facebook are essentially designed to relay information, we want to focus people's internet traffic to our website rather than to Facebook. 

This blog (which you can subscribe to by clicking on the links at the top or bottom of this page) will be the place where many of the updates you are looking for will be found. 

We would encourage you to take these 3 next steps in order to be current with our social media: 

1. Subscribe to our Blog (There are links at the top and bottom of this page to do that)

2. Follow us on Twitter/Instagram (@nymnitro and @nymfusion)

3. Like the Facebook Page (That's right! We're still on Facebook, but it's a PAGE not a GROUP. We feel like this is going to be the best way to increase traffic and relay information)

Thanks for keeping up to date with NYM... we're excited about what God is doing in the hearts of Students! 

What's your favorite social media outlet? Why is that?