Last Night - A Huge Win!

Last Night was Awesome! 

In so many ways, last night was an exciting night. In both Nitro and Fusion, we had multiple brand new students who were able to come as we kicked off our series, The Journey: Part Two. We are piggy-backing off of the Sunday AM series and talking about the importance our spiritual Journey and owning our spiritual growth. 

But the Coolest part of last night...

...was not the awesome games, the fact that we ran out of chairs in both rooms, the much improved physical spaces for these groups to meet in, or the rockin' music. It was the fact that we centered our talks around the Gospel and presenting people with the opportunity to respond to the truth about Jesus, and both Jr. High and High School students responded last night, making Jesus their Forgiver and Leader! 

That is why we do what we do! We're so excited to see life-change happening right in front of our eyes, and we hope to continue this trend of spiritual growth steps NEXT WEEK as we talk about Baptism. 

If you're a Parent...

Here are some questions you could ask your student (Jr. High or High School) regarding Youth Group last night...

  1. How would you summarize what was talked about last night at Youth Group?
  2. Where are you on your Journey? Have you made Jesus your Forgiver and Leader? 
  3. Try Sharing your Story of when you (As a parent) came to faith. That could encourage honesty and authenticity from your child. 
  4. Last Question: How can I help you/pray for you as you take steps on your Spiritual Journey? I'm so proud of you and your growth!