Registration Deadline - 3 Days Away

This Sunday is significant in a bunch of ways. Well talk about 2 specifically. 


it's the registration deadline for both the Jr. High and High School Fall Events! (You can read about those on the Upcoming Events page) These life-changing events are NOT something that you want to miss! Without fail, the students that get plugged in to these events are the ones that stick throughout the year... We'd love to see as much students registered as we can! 

You can get registration forms HERE. After this Sunday, the price goes up $10 and we can't guarantee a hoodie for late registered students. Each year, we get hoodies for those students who come to this Fall Retreat, but we've got to get those ordered! So sizing priority and supply will go to those who get registrations in on time! 


We're going to be continuing in the series "The Journey: Part 2" and we'll be talking about Baptism. Each student will be challenged to put their faith in Christ, and then Go Public with their faith in a Student-only Baptism service on December 21st. We have a baptism process that you can read about HERE

Maybe you (NYM student) or your child (NYM Parent) will come home with a Baptism Packet on Sunday Night. Let's pray that lots of students do! 

You'll be hearing more about this Sunday in a couple days... we'll get you some discussion questions that you can talk through with your student. And you'll undoubtedly hear more about this Baptism service in the months to come! 

What's your baptism story? Comment or share to start the conversation!