Parent Conversation Starters - September 21

Tonight and Fusion and Nitro..

We'll be continuing our series, The Journey: Part 2. We'll be discussing a critical step in following Jesus - Baptism. Our bottom line mission will be to convince every Christ-follower in our ministry to be baptized in obedience in Jesus. 

Here are some questions you could ask your student to get the conversation rolling: 

  1. What was the talk about tonight? How would you summarize it? 
  2. Are you at all interested in getting baptized? Why or Why not? 
  3. How can I help encourage you to take the next step in your spiritual journey?
  4. Tell your baptism story to your student.. share how significant that moment was!  

Maybe you need to help lead your child by starting the baptism process yourself. You can do that by clicking HERE

If your student came home with a packet of blue papers...

They're interested in getting baptized! You can click HERE to see more about the process on our website. Your student's small group leader will be coaching them through this amazing process, all culminating on our Student Baptism Service on December 21. (Read about that event here). 

Remember, registration forms and deposits for Fall Impact and Extravaganza are due tonight! Grab one here

Got any questions about baptism? Want to tell your baptism story? Comment and share!