Parent Conversation Starters - September 28

Life happens outside of Youth Group

We know that we can't possibly have more hours or quality time with your children than you do. While that doesn't mean we aren't working hard to create life-changing environments for them, it does mean we anticipate that you'll have chances to lead your kids spiritually outside of the 2 hours of Sunday Night, and we want to help you maximize those moments. 

Especially when it comes to what we're teaching in Youth Group, we desire for you to be able to ask significant follow up questions so that you're optimally partnering with our ministry for your child's spiritual growth. We'll post questions like this each week to keep you in the loop. 

We're continuing in our series, The Journey: Part 2 in both Nitro and Fusion. 

The Bottom Line: 

We'll be challenging each student who is a Christ-Follower to consider Going Official with Northridge Church by starting the Membership process. 

Questions to Ask: 

  1. What was something that stuck out to you during the talk tonight? Anything? 
  2. What would you say the purpose of membership is? Why does it exist? 
  3. Have you ever thought about becoming a Member of Northridge Church? 
  4. Maybe you can join with your student in Going Official together! To start that journey (for both students and adults), click HERE