High School Snow Camp Promo Video

One of our students, Adam Bixby, made a pretty fantastic promo video for Snow Camp 2015. It features Joel Witwer (Small Group Leader) and Aaron Hixson (NYM's Student Pastor). 

This video has been nominated for like.. I don't know, a billion awards already. It's a big deal. 

Is it goofy? You bet. 

Is it weird? You bet. 

Is it kinda awkward sometimes? You bet. 

But guess what - I bet you wish you were going now, don't you? 

Because its not cool to miss Snow Camp 2015. 


Get all the information you need for High School and Jr. High Snow Camp and our Upcoming Events page HERE

he deadline is coming soon. Don't miss this event! All those who register before February 1st are entered in a drawing for a $25 gift card, and avoid a $10 late fee! Every High Schooler you know is welcome!