No Nitro or Fusion: Make the Breaks Matter

Making the Breaks Matter

This sunday Night, January 25th, Nitro and Fusion will not be meeting due to our Night of Worship. And, in fact, next week (February 1), we will not be meeting either due to the Super Bowl. (You can see the calendar HERE). 

You might be thinking.. that’s a really long break. There are a lot of days between January 18th (the last time we met) and February 8th (the next time we’ll meet). There are a lot of opportunities for sinful choices, poor relational maneuvers, wasted time, bad attitudes and missed opportunities. Maybe you pray each week (like we do) that Sunday Night will be a time when your student’s mind is refreshed with the truth of the Bible, and their heart is re-calibrated to make choices that honor Jesus, and their relationships with their friends that love God are reconnected and revived. So when we don’t have program you might get nervous or maybe frustrated: What am I supposed to do in the meantime? 

We get that.

As Small Group Leaders and as people who just passionately care about student growth and development, we look at these breaks from program and wonder some of the same things. Are students growing during the week? Are they going to come back ready to continue on their spiritual journey, or bruised and battered from long days away from their committed group of friends and mentors? Are they making the most of these breaks?

Each break can feel like a “Make or Break” moment. 

These questions and this issue isn’t easy. And we wrestle with it alongside parents. But we want to give you some ideas of how you can maximize the days between January 18th and February 8th. This doesn’t have to be a step back - It can be a step forward! And here are some suggestions to make that possible: 

Attend the Night of Worship on January 25th as a family

At 6pm on our Irondequoit Campus, we’ll be having a Night of Worship. This Night will be full of excellent music, meaningful times of reflection and an opportunity to take Communion together. Why not leverage that evening as a Family Night? Bring everyone together to focus on who God is and what He’s done - we believe it could truly be an encouragement to the whole family. 

Register your students for Snow Camp 

The deadline for registrations is February 1st, and we believe this event can be transformational for everyone who attends. You can get all the information you need about the event deadline HERE and get your frequently asked questions answered HERE. We’d love to see every student in 6th-12th grade at Snow Camp! We believe that it’s an investment in their forever. 

Pick one night when your family will be together for dinner and talk about your Pi2 lists

We are going through a Pi2 series together as a church (Pray, Invest, Invite), and so why not take an evening when your family is together and be intentional to focus on each person’s Pi2 list? Share the names of these people far from God out loud, then make some goals and set deadlines for when each person would like to invest in or invite the various people on the list. Then, make it a competition! Who will be bold first? Who in the family is going to step out of their comfort zone and invite their friend first? This is the kind of competition you want your kids getting fired up about! Then, take a couple of minutes to pray for those names. Finally, sit back and watch as God uses these few weeks to transform the lives of people around you! 

Have the coolest Super Bowl party on your block

Since there is no Youth Group, what better time is there to get together with friends and family (from the Pi2 list!) and have a great time watching the Super Bowl?! But this year...try to make your house the place to be. Intentionally attempt to make the space God has blessed you with (no matter how many square feet it is) the place that people in your life that are far from God want to hang out for the big game. The more you show hospitality, the more you’re investing, and the more open they might be to invitations later. Plus, you have the added bonus of being together as a family for an exciting night! This year, make the most of the break: Be the place to be. 

Finally: Read 1 Chapter of Proverbs everyday as the kids eat breakfast

Maybe this is idealistic.. your kids don’t eat breakfast, or schedules are too crazy. Ok, yeah, schedules are always crazy. But try to take some time over these weeks everyday or every other day as a family to sit down and read 1 chapter from the book of Proverbs together. That book was intentionally put together by a parent attempting to pass wisdom down to a child.. so it’s great material to discuss and apply as a family. Wise living is what you want for your kids, right? So crack open proverbs for a few minutes every day over this break. Just see what God can do through His Word! 

We’re gonna miss Nitro and Fusion. And we hope your students do too. But these few weeks don’t have to be spiritual momentum killers. Grab a few of these tips and see where they take you. We think you’ll be glad you did!