Snow Camp Deadline - Sunday

Get Registered! 

The Deadline for Jr. High and High School Snow Camp is this Sunday, February 1st. Yes, it's Super Bowl Sunday (and we've got a resource coming your way tomorrow that will help you lead your family in watching the Super Bowl in a wise, intentional way). But the big game is not as important as the memories and decisions that will be made at Snow Camp 2015. Don't miss this deadline! 

Registration forms are also available at the information center in the lobby of each campus. 

To read up on Jr. High Snow Camp click HERE(Departure times, prices, packing list, etc)

To read up on Sr. High Snow Camp, click HERE. (Departure times, prices, packing list, etc)

Why register by the deadline? 

When you get registered for this event before the deadline you receive a few awesome benefits:

  1. You save $10 by avoiding the late fee which is applied after February 1st
  2. By registering on time, your student is entered into a drawing for $25 to the snack shop at Snow Camp
  3. Your student is guaranteed a seat on our trip to Snow Camp. Any registrations after the deadline have the potential of being rejected due to space concerns! 

Am I allowed to register after the deadline?

Yes, you are. There will, however, be a $10 late fee applied. We work hard to make sure we can be flexible and allow every student who is interested in attending a chance to attend, but there is the possibility that we will not have sufficient room in our vehicles or at the camp for those who register late. 

After you've downloaded your registration form and filled it out, please return it to your campus information center, or mail it to Northridge Church (2052 St. Paul St., Rochester, NY, 14621) along with the deposit cash/check made out to Northridge Church. 

Have any questions?