Super Bowl Resource

Super Bowl Resource

It's the big game. 

Months of playing, scheming, and planning come down to one night. People have spent thousands of dollars to see this game live. nd millions upon millions of Americans will stop their lives to focus in on their TVs for this one game that will decide it all! 

Whether you're a football fan or not, you probably are lined up to watch the game tomorrow. Now, by "watch" you might mean "eat food and ignore the game entirely" - but the point remains, that you're probably planning on being with friends and family and enjoying this nationally significant moment together. 

We don't have Fusion and Nitro tomorrow for the express purpose of allowing your family (and hopefully friends and neighbors who don't know God yet) to gather together and enjoy this game. We think time together as a family is SO important and valuable. But we don't want you to miss out on an opportunity to be intentional with HOW you watch the Super Bowl this year. 

We know that the commercials can sometimes be the best - or worst - part of the night. We all experience that tension of HOPING this commercial will be funny, but tensing and waiting for the inappropriate turn. 

 In order to give you a guide on how to think about these commercials and how to use them as a launching pad for intentional discussion, check out THIS resource from the Center for Parent and Youth Understanding. 

Check it out. Read it over. Try it out for the first half. We think you'll find it's a helpful way to start a conversation about what sorts of messages we hear and how we should process them as Christ-Followers. 

Enjoy the game. Relax and kick back a bit. But don't ever forget that these opportunities for Spiritual development come and go more quickly than you think, and intentional leadership can create immense opportunities for growth!