A Second Chance: Making NYM Possible

Making NYM Possible

Many of our NYM Parents will remember that at the beginning of this school year, we gave you a chance to make NYM possible through volunteering to provide childcare for our adult leaders. 

You can (and maybe should!) watch the video we sent out earlier this year below. It will help give context to what we're looking to do in this new year. (Trouble seeing this video? Click HERE)

The response was overwhelming, and we've had lots of help in this department! 

So far, the system has been working extremely well, and our adult leaders have been SO thankful for the stress relief and focus that this small but dedicated team of volunteers has brought to their lives. We want to issue a huge THANK YOU to those people who are already involved! 

Since the beginning of the school year, however, a few of our Adult Leader families have brought new little ones into the world, and so our need for continued support from parents or other capable volunteers still exists. 

We wanted to offer our NYM extended family a second chance to get involved with this simple but wildly important facet of what we do around here. We'd love to see a new crowd of adults take charge and contribute to the spiritual development of all of NYM's students by taking 2 hours to invest in Adult Youth Leader's children: thereby ensuring our program can be laser-focused on students. 

See how it works? We want you to get involved! Would you consider making NYM Possible in 2015? We'll answer all your questions and make sure everything is clear and easy. Don't sweat the details! We've got it covered. 

If you're unsure about getting involved, just watch this story. 

Ally Turner is a student whose life changed when she came to our High School ministry. In this video, you'll see her Small Group Leader baptize her - this Small Group Leader is one of the many adult leaders who needs childcare support each week in order to be able to focus on students and make the impact she has on Ally and so many other girls.

If you get involved, you make stories like this happen. 

Trouble seeing the video? Click HERE

Ally Turner's baptism that took place at Northridge Church during the Youth Baptism service at our Irondequoit Campus on December 21, 2014.