NYM Party Night!

It's a Party! 

Something new we're doing this year to keep things from getting too stale on Wednesday nights is incorporating a few Party Nights into the normal mix of Youth Group. Our first one of the year is coming up next Wednesday, October 28th! 

And it's going to be a Flannel Party! 

You can read more about the event HERE, but we advise that you round up everybody you know to come to this fun experience at the Irondequoit Campus from 6:30-8:30pm! The schedule for the night will be totally different, and it will be focused on just having a good time and building relationships - an easy, no stress time to invite friends! 

Why not reach out to someone on your Pi2 list and invite them to next week's party night? Gotta celebrate Fall while we've got it! See you then! 

Aaron HixsonComment