Parent Cue: Wednesday, October 7

A Final Details reminder will be on its way tomorrow, but THE WKEND is coming fast! If you need to pay a remaining balance, you can do so by clicking HERE. Spread the word - balance payment is online just like registration! 

Arrival time is 4pm on Friday and we're providing dinner before we leave for camp. Your child will not need bedding (as that is provided), but they will need money for 1 meal on the road (coming home on Sunday). We'll be back by 8pm on Sunday! 

We're teaching this: 

Nobody wants to experience tough times. We don’t hope for them and we sure don’t sign up for them, but difficult circumstances happen to everyone. Maybe for you it was the death of a family member. Or maybe it was a divorce. Maybe your toughest moments came in the form of a rejection letter or some bad results from a doctor. No matter what the cause, two things are true about our most difficult situations: They have the power to cause us great pain and they have the power to propel our faith like nothing else. Through the story of one of Jesus’ close friends, Lazarus, we find that when tough times hit, it can stretch the faith of anyone, even those who know Jesus the best. But if we’re willing to stay close to Him we may just find that we can emerge on the other side of the storm with a faith that is even stronger than before and an opportunity to help others do the same.

The Bottom Line for this week is this: In tough times, God works IN you so that he can work THROUGH you. 

Maybe you could ask your student..

  • What's the toughest moment of your life been so far?
  • Do you feel like God taught you anything through that? 
  • What can we do together to make sure we process tough times in a way that pleases God?
  • Parent: Try sharing about a pivotal circumstance in your life. How did it help you become more like God? What did you learn during that hard time that no "happy" time could've taught you? 

Think about This:

 We all need growth spurts in our lives, or time where we focus on propelling an area of our lives to a new level. And, parenting is no different. Just like the rest of life, there will times when we need to stretch and grow our parenting. During this series, your students are learning about four ideas that can propel their faith forward, and the same four things they’re hearing about—but with a slight twist—have the power to propel your parenting. 

Here's the fourth installment:

Be present in pivotal moments. Teenage years are full of big moments. Dances. Big games. Hard tests. Award Ceremonies. Breakups. Drivers licenses. But every once in a while, our student experiences a different king of big moment, one that can cause their entire life to pivot or go in a new direction. Maybe its when the family moves to a new state, or dad loses his job, or there’s a divorce or the death of a friend.  When those moments come, as parents, it’s more important than ever that we lean in and let our students know that we’re going to walk through the tough stuff with them. It’s never easy, and there’s no manual for what to say or how to respond. But just knowing you’re there, you’re present with them, through the biggest life-changes may give your student the anchor they need to weather whatever storm may come. 


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