Parent Cue: NYM Christmas - A Night of Worship

Tonight at NYM we are going to be having a special night!

Beginning at 6:30pm (with free pizza, of course), we are going to be hosting NYM Christmas: A Night of Worship. We're celebrating Christmas by singing a few extra songs (focused on Christ and His coming) with a student dominated band. They've been working hard and rehearsing for this night, and we're so excited to worship together with them as they lead! (Parents are welcome to attend! We will begin this portion of the night at 7:15pm in the SMC on the Irondequoit Campus). 

Our focus is going to be on Christ and His birth, but we are going to be emphasizing something else as well - our outreach strategy at Northridge Church: Pray, Invest, Invite. We'll be challenging students to make it a goal to write down the name of one friend that they want to see at NYM by NEXT Christmas. 

Then, during Small Groups, they will have a chance to have a mini-Christmas party! Maybe you could reach out to your student's small group leader and see if bringing cookies would be a way to make that party a little more festive! 

We can't wait for tonight! Just a reminder, we will NOT having Youth Group NEXT WEEK (December 23rd). 

Also, expect a blog in the next few days with Snow Camp details as we prepare for those upcoming events in February! 

Merry Christmas!



Aaron HixsonComment