Parent Cue: Wednesday, December 9

Hey NYM Parents! Tonight is another great night of making more and better disciples. We've been planning for and expecting your students - we love partnering with you to raise Godly kids! 

Nitro will be continuing in their series FLIPPED and exploring another encounter with Jesus that changed someone's life forever. 

Fusion will be hearing from one of our 12th Graders (Ian Woodall). He is going to be exploring the life of Jacob in the book of Genesis and following how he went from knowing about God as "the God of his fathers" to making God His God. In fact, after that moment, God was often called "The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob." That transformation is so important for students who might have a faith that belongs to their parents, instead of to them personally. 

We are looking forward to both of these talks! Our Small Group Leaders are ready to invest in all those who are there tonight - we hope you're ready to send them our way! 

Aaron HixsonComment