This Sunday: New Series Coming to Nitro and Fusion

Traders: Born to Worship Something

New 3-Week Series Coming to Nitro and Fusion

What do you value most in life? Chances are that’s where most of your time, thoughts, energy, and affection goes. That’s often the object of your worship. But we so often tend to trade God as our object of worship for lesser things like pleasure, acceptance and pride. 

Plus, Worship is so much more than singing songs to God. It’s all about responding to who He is and what He’s done for us. Worship is about knowing God is worthy and making Him the most important thing in our lives. When we fully worship God with our lives it will change the way we act and the decisions we make. It will change our perspective and shift our priorities in life. Nothing else is worth that trade - only God deserves our worship. 

This week, in the first session, we’ll help students identify what they’re worshiping in their lives, and help them figure out how to stop trading God for lesser things, and focus on Him as the object of their worship. 

In the second session (March 8) we focus on what it looks like to worship God with authentic and genuine hearts. We want to help students enter into worship by responding to how much God means to them in their lives.

In the third session (March 15) we’ll lead students to discover what it looks like to worship God in their everyday lives. We’ll encourage them to make Him number one in their lives and help them discover what it looks like practically to worship God in everything they do.

Are you ready? See you this Sunday Night at 5:30pm! 

Aaron HixsonComment