It's Coming: The Summer Survival Guide

Surviving Summer 2015

It's coming soon! 

We know, it's hard to believe that Summer is coming when it's snowing THIS MUCH! But you've got plans to make and people to see... and we want to help your family be ready for Summer 2015! 

This week, we will be releasing the Summer Survival Guide for 2015. What's the SSG? It's our way of letting you in on all the nitty gritty details you'll need to make the Summer of 2015 with NYM the best Summer yet! 

You'll find trip dates, registration deadlines, registration forms, prices, pick-up times, drop-off times, packing lists... that's right, all you needed to know and probably some stuff you didn't even know you wanted to know will be included in this Summer's Guide! 

There is a change in this summer's format: in year's past, we have released a PDF with these details. It was typically around 18 pages long, and it documented our summer schedule. 

However, this time around, we're trying something different. Most people probably weren't printing out an 18 page, color-filled, image-heavy packet anyway, right? 

This SSG will simply be a single blog outlining our Summer Schedule, with links directing you to the "events" page of our website. It will have all of the same information related to our big events that every other SSG has included, but it will simply be based in our website, rather than a published newsletter. 

This reflects some of the changes we've already made - instead of monthly newsletter, we do regular blogs, and instead of parent-emails, we update the website. 

We believe you'll find this year's guide to be helpful, clear, efficient and easy to access. 

All Summer, whenever you need information about an upcoming event, or if you can't remember what's coming up, just navigate to and click "Events" - what you'll find will be a treasure trove of information, and the ability to immediately ask questions if something is unclear. (By the way, you can always do that by just clicking on the "Ask a Question" link at the bottom of every page at Or, by clicking right HERE)

Keep an eye out for the SSG! It's not a blog you'll want to miss! 

A quick word of thanks is in order as well! 

Many of you took THIS survey related to a possible shift to online registration. (Feel free to take it now if you haven't yet! It's just 4 questions.) We hope to be making some changes in that area soon, and your feedback has already been super helpful - THANKS! When we make that shift, you'll be the first to know. 

PS - If you haven't registered for Snow Camp yet, It's not too late! But we're filling up fast! All you need to know if found HERE


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