The Summer Survival Guide: 2015

Surviving Summer 2015

It's here. It's arrived. The jackpot of information for making the Summer of 2015 the greatest one yet! You'll see that this post will breakdown into 3 major sections. First, we'll introduce some basic concepts about what makes summer unique around here. Secondly, we'll outline our major overnight events and their basic structure. Lastly, we'll show you what's coming for Nitro and Fusion on Sunday nights throughout the Summer. 

So here we go! Please be sure to read this blog and the related links carefully. We work really hard to make sure your questions are answered up front, and we think that if you look around, we've probably answered most of your basic questions. However, if something is still missing, never hesitate to contact us HEREour goal is for you to be in the loop! 

And don't worry about saving this blog. All the essential details are contained in the "upcoming events" section of the website, so you'll always be able to easily access it! 

 Part 1 - Introduction

For most people with Jr. High and High School students, Summer changes just about everything in your normal routine. Everyone is laid back, the pressure of school is lifted, the sun is finally out (hopefully), and a different sort of rhythm sets in for a few months. At NYM, something similar happens.

We take a break from "normal" in our week-to-week programming (you'll read about that later) and we try to match the rhythm of Summer with events and environments that focus on relationship-building, fun and life change in a less structured way. 

But the Summer can be a confusing time when it comes to identifying grades. Ever heard this? "I'm in 8th grade. I mean 9th. I mean, I'm going to be in 9th, but I just finished 8th. I mean.. whatever, it's Summer." 

Here's what we mean when we say "Nitro/Jr. High" and "Fusion/High School" this Summer: 

  • Nitro/Jr. High - Any student who is entering 6th-9th grade in the Fall of 2015
  • Fusion/High School - Any student who is entering 9th-12th grade in the Fall of 2015 (The class of 2015 is welcome at all Summer Events)

A special word for those entering 9th Grade - You are free to attend both Nitro and Fusion events. However, we encourage you to take a step up and spend the Summer with the High School students. We believe that it will make your transition to High School in the Fall MUCH easier if you get to know some people during the chilled-out days of Summer! 

And a quick comment about registration deadlines... these deadlines are meant to help the planning and transporting process run smoothly. We can't efficiently plan excellent events without an idea of how many people are coming. Please do what you can to respect these deadlines! As an incentive, registering on or before the deadline will ensure you don't have to pay the $10 late fee - Thanks for working with us on this! 

Part 2 - Major Events


ROC MNT logo.jpg

We've got two brand-new, first-time ever, paradigm-shifting events planned for Summer 2015! We put our people together and re-imagined what our overnight events could look like around here, and we feel confident that students will go crazy for the new kid on the block of NYM Events - ROC MTN. 


On separate weekends, we'll be sending both Nitro AND Fusion from the ROC to Rock Mountain Bible Camp for 3 days and 2 nights of stepping up their fun, energy and spiritual levels! Complete with pool, lake, zip line, top notch facilities, indoor/outdoor gym, gaga ball and big ol' activity fields (and more) - this is going to be something unlike anything we've ever done before. 

To read up on departure times, pricing and other info for these events, click the links below: 

The Registration Deadline for Both Jr. High and High School ROC MTN is June 14th. 

Obviously, this is a scheduling shift. In years past, both Jr. High and High School have had a day trip and a mini-camp. We've simplified this schedule in order to promote greater excellence, enjoyment and impact through each event. We're convinced that the quality of these facilities, the activities that are available and the type of environments we will be creating will more than justify the change in the eyes of your student! 


The Algonquin Wilderness Experience - High School Only

If you've been around NYM for a little while, you might know that we offer a week-long camp option for High Schoolers each year. Every other year in that cycle we take a plunge into something completely crazy, completely off the grid, and completely life-transforming - it's called The Algonquin Wilderness Experience. 

This event is only open to students entering the 10-12th Grade in the Fall of 2015 (including 2015 Grads). 

Students and leaders head into the Deep Wood of the Algonquin Provincial park for 5 days of hiking, canoeing and backpacking. We've never seen a better means of bringing out lessons of spiritual growth and development than this intensive classroom of unplugged adventure. 

To read up on all of the most important information including pricing of this event, click the link below:

Students must apply and be accepted to be a part of the A.W.E. team. Due to the nature of this event, the deadline for application is very soon and requires some parental interaction. 

The application deadline for the AWE is MARCH 15th! Don't delay in pursuing this event! 

Part 3 - NYM Summer Nights

nym summer nights.jpg

On Sunday Nights during the Summer, we change things up quite a bit! To beat the heat and take advantage of the beautiful weather, we meet at various parks, homes and locations around Rochester, going mobile with the fun and impact of Nitro and Fusion. We call Jr. High Nitro: Shift and High School Fusion: Remix. 

In almost every case, we still meet from 5:30-7:30pm, but our location varies from week to week. 

We don't have the final details of where we will be meeting each week just yet. 

But don't worry, we will be using 4 primary means to keep you posted about these weekly plans:

  1. We will make pages like THIS for each week in the events section of the website. They will outline all the major details. 
  2. We will send out blog reminders every Friday-Saturday to jog your memory. 
  3. We will send out text/email reminders (for those who sign up) with up-to-date information, including cancellation notifications. (You can easily sign up for those on the event page HERE)
  4. Once the whole summer is finalized, we'll send out a blog outlining a big picture view of what's to come. 

You've reached the end. We've tried to cover all the bases.. from pick-up and drop-off times to packing lists, F.A.Q., registration deadlines and more. But we know there's always more. So stay posted on this blog, read up on the events, invite people like crazy and ask your questions - we want you in the loop! 

You don't have to remember it all! All of the information discussed here is available on our upcoming events page

If you're a calendar person, we think you'll find this view helpful! 

So here's to a summer that's all about More and Better followers of Jesus Christ! Are you in? 



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