No Leap Required: NYM Worldview Seminar

This is what we hear about students after they leave high school...

  • They're leaving the church for good
  • College is destroying their faith
  • Their Christianity can't hold up against professors and classmates
  • Believing in God is outdated, unnecessary and even harmful for adults 
  • They're being convinced that everything they've ever heard about God is a fairy tale. 

So, what's the problem? Is Christianity really outdated? Is the Bible really a collection of fairy tales and short stories meant to keep people in line and give them a crutch? Does faith stand a chance in a world of science and discovery? 

We are convinced that faith is reasonable. We are convinced that the Bible is true. We are convinced that everyone has a worldview, and that worldview matters. We've surveyed the options, and we believe that Faith in God is the only worldview that ultimately makes sense of life - and there is no leap required. 

In order to curb the trend of students who graduate from faith after high school, to help students see the importance of faith in a consistent worldview, and to give them confidence that this faith can withstand their college years and beyond, we're hosting a weekend seminar on those very topics for all NYM students on April 17th-18th. 

This one-time event is going to feature speaker Andy Giessman of the Addison's Walk Institute for Christian Studies. Andy is a well-loved communicator with students and he's well versed in issues of apologetics and worldview. He has also traveled extensively presenting this crucial material to range of audiences. 

ONE session Friday night and THREE sessions Saturday morning will explore topics of faith and worldview in order to better equip our Students to make sense of why faith makes sense. 

Oh yeah, we're throwing in an open gym after Friday night's session - just for good measure. 

These sessions will intentionally be presented in a seminar style, encouraging interaction and questions. We're confident your student will find the content engaging and vitally important to maintaining faith in an intellectually challenging world. 

Registration will be required for this event as lunch will be provided on Saturday. You can get all the information you need and get registered by clicking HERE or going to the EVENTS tab at