Coming This Sunday Night - NYM Serves

Coming this Sunday night, we're going to change gears for just one week, and here's why:

For 5 years running, Northridge Church has put on a conference called Acts 16:5, designed to help pastors, church leaders and volunteers catch the vision of making More and Better disciples in effective ways. This year, the conference is happening Monday and Tuesday, March 23rd and 24th. Through practical breakouts and sessions with Northridge Staff members and guest speakers, we strive to present material that encourages, challenges and motivates leaders toward reaching their city and region for Christ. The results have been overwhelming: the conference has grown from just over 100 attendees to now a sold out total of 700 attendees. We are humbled to watch God use this event year after year to make a difference in churches who are committed to God's purpose for their church in making both more AND better disciples!

And we want to see NYM get in on the action of serving God by serving other churches. So here's what we're gonna do - This Sunday night we're going to change up the schedule and focus in order to help make the Acts 16:5 conference possible! 

We'll only be meeting for 1 hour (5:30pm-6:30pm), and we plan to spend the majority of our time broken down into our small groups, taking on service projects across the Irondequoit Campus in order to get everything set for the conference on Monday! 

What this means for you as a parent: 

  1. Please drop off both Nitro and Fusion students at the SMC on the Irondequoit Campus at 5:30pm
  2. Please be prepared to promptly pick up your student by 6:30pm - There will be hundreds of volunteers receiving training and preparing for the conference that evening, so it's vital that students not be left on campus after their project is complete! 
  3. We also ask that you help your child see that this event is a unique chance to put into action the principle that we should see others as more important than ourselves (Philippians 2:3). They will be tangibly demonstrating love and selflessness as they serve - and what could be more important than that?

What this means for your student:

  1. They should come prepared to get a little sweaty on Sunday night as they serve! 
  2. They are allowed to leave the moment their project is complete. So, if they have a phone, they should get ready to shoot out a text or a call once their done so that they can head home. 

If you have any questions, we would bet that you'll find all the information you need about Sunday night you can in the Events section of the website HERE. But if not, we always welcome questions, which you can ask by clicking HERE