Flower City Work Camp Reminder

FCWC Reminder

This Sunday night begins Flower City Work Camp 2015! We have over 20 students who will be participating in this year's event. They will team up with hundreds of students from across our city to put on basketball camps, sidewalk clubs, fix homes and worship together in order that the city might see Jesus

For those participating in Flower City this year, we will have a brief pre-game huddle THIS Sunday! At 12:10pm in the SMC (right after the close of second service) on the Irondequoit Campus, all those participating in Flower City Work Camp (students, parents, volunteers) should plan to attend a brief meeting where we will give an overview of the week, celebrate the memories of years past, and pray that God will work in the hearts and lives of our students this year! 

Plan to meet for no more than 15 minutes. We aren't trying to complicate your schedule, we just want to get on the same page before our students head out for this awesome week! 

If you're a FCWC person (student, volunteer or parent) and you can't make this meeting, please let us know via email (jcongdon@northridgerochester.com). We just want to be able to make sure we get you the information you need some other way. 

Flower City Work Camp's website should be able to answer them. 

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