Weekend Preview - March 29th

This weekend...

...we've got some fun things planned for both Fusion and Nitro! We are coming off a great week at NYM Serves where the students really got motivated and diligent in serving our Church and the Acts 16:5 conference! We couldn't come up with enough tasks because they were so fast and efficient! We're proud of how they were willing to put others ahead of themselves - just like Jesus did. 

For High School Students...

  • We've got a one-week series about the Bible coming this Sunday! We'll be joined by Joseph Solomon of chasegod.tv (via video) as he leads us through why Christians need the Bible, and why they should never read a Bible verse. Sound contradictory? It'll all make sense in the end. Don't miss this practical step into why our Bible's matter and how to read them. 
  • Many of our students will be heading off to Flower City Work Camp on Sunday afternoon. For those who are, we have a meeting at 12:10pm at our Irondequoit Campus. You can read about more about that on our blog page HERE. We're excited that 20+ students are giving up their Spring Break to serve and grow! 

For Jr. High Students....

  • We are going to do a message called: "What's the big deal?". It's going to be all about why Easter is such a big deal to us!
  • Paul said that "without the resurrection, our faith is pointless." We want to help junior high students  to see past the Time off of school, marshmallow peeps and chocolate bunnies, and to believe with certainty that the Gospel changes everything!
  • Students will be strongly encouraged not to miss one of the Easter experiences at Northridge Church, "A skeptics guide to Easter." Maybe this can be a great opportunity to be Pi2 as a family and invite another family with Junior High Students!

And just as a reminder, we will NOT have Nitro/Fusion next week on Easter - be praying for those you will invite to 1 of our 7 Sunday morning services that day! 

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