Announcing: NYM Student Baptism Service (Round 2)

Here we go again! 

On Sunday night, June 14th, NYM will be hosting its second Student Baptism Service! 

Just like our Student Baptism Service back in December 2014 (which you can watch HERE), we're going to be having a night all about celebrating changed lives from within the ranks of NYM! 

We'll sing, celebrate, watch stories, and have a great time beginning at 5:30pm in the Auditorium of our Irondequoit Campus. Following the baptism service for all those who attend, we'll be having a party to kick off Summer and embrace the fantastic stories and moments that we got to witness together. Everyone is invited! So invite your friends and family, whether or not they're affiliated with Northridge Church - in fact, we think this is the perfect opportunity for a Pi2 invite.. so invite your friends and family who are far from God for a chance to let them get a glimpse of what it's like to have a relationship with Jesus! 

We'll make sure this service is excellent, powerful, and memorable - you can count on that! This truly is the best environment for students to take the next step in their faith and GO PUBLIC as followers of Jesus Christ. 

You can read more about the details of this event HERE. You'll be hearing lots more about this service in the coming weeks, but mark it on your calendars whether you have a student getting baptized or not - this is NOT an event to be missed! Go ahead and share this blog post to the word out!

If your student is interested in baptism, or you'd like them to look into being baptized on June 14th, here's what you need to do: 

First, you can check out our baptism page HERE which will walk you through the process. 

But basically, your student will need to watch 2 videos (and discuss them with their Small Group Leader), fill out a a baptism application (a fully online process), and then simply write their story in preparation for the big day! 

If you know a student who needs to take this step - don't delay in helping them start this process!

All Applications are due by May 10th!

Students will be able to choose whether they record their story in advance or share it live in the baptismal. We think that for the student who is nervous about speaking in front of people, recording in advance is the easiest way to ensure you're NOT nervous on the day of your baptism, AND to ensure you're able to clearly say what you'd like to say in that exciting moment! For an example of a recorded story, click HERE. For an example of a live story, click HERE