Double Dog Dare-a-Thon: Starting Now!

I Dare Ya

Starting tonight, we're bringing a brand new event to NYM: The Double Dog Dare-a-Thon.

Event Description

This is a "Build your own Event" Event. Here's what we mean: We're asking students to  (with parental permission) arrange a sleepover or a hangout time with their friends, their small group, or some people on their Pi2 list. During that hangout time, they will attempt the 10 Dares we created. (We'll explain those in a minute). Then, students must take video/pictures of themselves attempting these dares and post them to Instagram (we have alternative ways to submit for students/families without Instagram). Then, on May 3rd in Nitro and Fusion, we will select a winning team for each dare, and give out prizes!

You can read the event details HERE. The dares will be released at 9:00pm tonight!

Event Rationale

Here's why we think this event is going to be awesome for students:

  • It's a chance for them to hangout with other students who love God, and to create friendships between their "church friends" and their "school friends"
  • It creates a natural opportunity to invite friends to Nitro or Fusion (for the big unveiling of the winners on May 3rd!)
  • It capitalizes on their active social media lives, and gives them a good purpose to use that unique platform
  • It can fit any schedule! No more having to miss an event because you are out of town - you schedule this event whenever is convenient between April 19th and May 3rd!

Event Disclaimers

Maybe you're wondering about a couple of these things... So here are some quick disclaimers:

  • None of the dares require anything but common household items - this shouldn't cost a penny!
  • We will emphasize that students must have PARENTAL PERMISSION before having one of these Double Dog Dare-a-Thon parties. We've got your back!
  • If you're uncomfortable with the social media element in this event, feel free to use the alternative submission methods found in the event description HERE
  • We were careful to select dares that are silly, fun and memorable, but not in any way offensive, dangerous, or compromising. We think you'll find the list of dares to be family-friendly. Who knows! You might even be tempted to try a few yourself! 
  • Teams can be co-ed, but the time/place of this hang-out time is 100% up to parents.
  • These parties can be as crazy as an overnight sleepover or as low-key as a Saturday afternoon pick-em-up-before-dinner-party. We think this is going to be an event that generates its own fun - don't feel pressure to go too crazy! 

Event Recommendations

  1. Try coordinating with your child's small group leader to set up the party! (Not sure who your child's Small Group leader is? Click HERE to find out!)
  2. If you can, try to see this hang-out time as something more significant than a typical time with friends. It's got a purpose that's directly related to More and Better! 
  3. Why not be the excitement generator in your child's life by being excited about this event AND giving them permission to hang out with their friends before they even ask! Every kid loves a blank "Hang out with your Friends" Check from Mom and Dad! 

If you've got questions, click HERE. If not - have fun with these 2 weeks! We Dare You! 


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