Weekend Preview - May 3, 2015

As usual, we've got some great stuff planned for this weekend! 

First of all, we're going to be having the closing ceremonies for our Double Dog Dare-a-Thon! Fabulous prizes will be distributed to Nitro and Fusion students who were brave enough to boldly accomplish our daring deeds. Don't miss this chance to get in on the fun at #NYMDoubleDog - the competition isn't over yet! Have your party today! 

And secondly, both Nitro and Fusion will be jumping into a new series called Move. We know that Movements are everywhere. Things like, “To write love on her arms”, “Tom’s Shoes”, “Livestrong”, “Habitat for Humanity”, and the “End-It Movement”—all of those and hundreds more were created very recently.  In fact, one of the traits that this generation is known for is being the most cause-driven, the most movement focused in history. But what kind of long-term impact are we having? How do we move and serve in a way that really matters? Even if we aren’t sure what we think about Jesus, we can learn something from Him about serving the community around us. By His example we learn to MOVE on behalf of others and KEEP MOVING to have a lasting impact. There truly is a difference between a MOVEMENT and a MOMENT. 

We'll see you This Sunday Night at 5:30pm at our Irondequoit campus for Nitro and Fusion! 

(Remember, Baptism applications are due 1 week from Sunday on May 10th - get started on that process HERE)