Baptism Applications - One Week Extension

Deadline Extension

We've had a great response so far of students wanting to take the step of obedience called baptism. But we'd love to have even more! We're confident that there are students waiting on the sidelines who feel that tug in their heart to jump into the game - and so we're offering just a few more days to turn in a baptism application! 

If you still want to be baptized (or your student does) you have until Sunday, May 17th to get that done! That's just 6 days away! 

This event on June 14th is going to be AWESOME! We'll have a huge celebration in the service (which begins at 5:30pm), and then we're throwing a huge party for everybody to be able to be together and enjoy the energy that only comes from seeing More and Better disciples in the making. 

What's holding you back? If you have any questions, please ask them today! Baptism is not for Christ-Followers who have it all together - it's for Christ-Followers. Period. 

Apply Today!