ROC MTN - Brand New and Coming Soon!

Brand New

This event, ROC MTN, is totally new to NYM. Both High School and Jr. High students can look forward to a brand new 3-day experience that has the potential to be the best 3 days of their Summer! From a zip-line, to a lake, and a pool, and a gym and plenty of wide open spaces for crazy games and great memories - we're so totally confident that ROC MTN will be a crowd favorite!

The best part (in our minds) is that we get tons of undistracted time with your students to be able to make spiritual investments that result in serious growth - many of our students trace their spiritual growth back to moments at events just like ROC MTN. Our Adult Leaders are ready to make the most of these days for the enjoyment and growth of our NYM Students! 

Coming Soon

The High School version of this event (Details HERE) is just a little over a month away (July 9-11). The Jr. High version (Details HERE) still has some time before it kicks off (August 13-15). But both events have a fast-approaching deadline - June 14th. On that Sunday, the price for these events will go up $10, so you'll want to get registered right away! 

To utilize our fully secure and fully online registration process, click HERE

Can't wait to see your student at ROC MTN 2015!