Baptism Service Highlights

Our Baptism service was just a few weeks ago. We love thinking about the fact that over the past school year, 17 students from NYM got baptized - that's incredible! We couldn't be more excited. It's also been fun to see a 20% increase in attendance over the past few months - compared to where we are over the past few years at this point, we've seen some really cool growth! God is at work through NYM - thanks for being a part of it! 

The video below (or found HERE if you receive this blog via email) is just a 40 second rehearsal of what the Baptism service was like - we can't wait for our next round of student's going public with their faith! 

These are the kinds of "wins" that we love to see at Northridge - it's More and Better in action. In order to keep this growth and momentum rolling, you probably heard that we're moving Youth Group to Wednesday Nights starting on September 9th, 2015. If you want to know about that change, just watch the video below or click HERE - don't hold back with questions! We love to help families understand changes like this! To get your questions answered, click HERE

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