NYM Parent Orientation - You're Invited!

Attention Parents of NYM! 

On September 12th, we'll be hosting a Parent Orientation for all of those parents who have students entering 6th-12th grade! 

Just like last year, we'll meet for Breakfast (that's on us), and we'll give you everything you need to know in order to have a great year with NYM. We'll talk details, schedules, expectations, prices and much more - we promise you don't want to miss this orientation! 

Probably the most important part of what you'll be able to do that morning is get a chance to meet your child's small group leader. This Small Group Leader is your biggest partner and your #1 fan in raising students who love Jesus, and they're in it for the long haul over this school year! You'll get a very unique chance to sit down and get to know this person, build a relationship, and strategize for how you can best partner together for your student's growth. 

Why do we even do this orientation? Basically, it's because we're convinced that we here at NYM are not called to be the primary spiritual influence in the lives of students - Parents Are! So while we get to do the fun stuff (like messy games) and we do our best to provide as many incredible environments for students as we can, ultimately, our ministry to partner with parents to raise kids who love Jesus. You have to be a major focus area for us if we're going to be successful! 

So, we're asking that you would make it a priority to come on Saturday morning, September 12th at 9:00am. We'll be done by 10:30am, and we'll provide a Cereal Breakfast (and coffee). 

We'll provide bowls and mugs, but a prize goes out this year to the person who brings the craziest coffee mug! 

Just so we can adequately plan, we'd love to have parents RSVP here. Please have each family RSVP only once. Along with the RSVP, you can indicate any topics you hope we cover and we'll do our best to include that content! 

Also, this is your chance to connect with a parent who has a student in NYM but is disconnected with Northridge or who hasn't yet plugged into partnering with NYM! Why not pass the link to this blog along and see if you can be a bringer? 

This will be a parents-only event - leave the kids to get their own breakfast! See you then! 

You can read more about the event details HERE

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