NYM Fall Retreat - The WKEND

This Fall, we're changing up the Fall Retreat for something brand new and exciting - A combined Nitro/Fusion experience that will take this trip to the next level! 

On October 9-11, we'll be heading to Young Life's Saranac Village for a weekend to remember! These facilities are top-notch, and we plan to see incredible things happen through this retreat. 

Through the years, we've found that the Fall Retreat is a vital one for student's connection over the school year. Basically, those who get plugged in to this experience forge the relationships and connections that will keep them focused on their spiritual growth and attending Nitro and Fusion for the year. You don't want to miss this! 

We wanted to let you know about this important date before our kick-off (September 9th) because of the Calendar and Financial planning that makes trips like this possible. 

The per student cost will be $145 (This includes 5 meals, 2 nights of accommodations, NYM Merchandise, and plenty of on-site activities at the camp). 

Also, we're going to need a number of parents and young adults (beyond our Small Group Leaders) to accompany us for logistical and support staff roles. If you're interested, please let us know by clicking HERE. Your trip to the camp would be free, and you'd get to serve the camp and our group, making this event possible!  Feel free to recruit other adults to join you! 

Aaron HixsonComment