NYM Childcare

Many of you will probably remember that last year we began providing childcare for our Adult Small Group Leaders. This was a huge blessing to those leaders who serve every week in our high intensity Youth Group environment, and were battling the additional frustration of attempting to find childcare during that time frame as well. (THIS video explains the heart of what we want to accomplish. The details are a littel different

As parents, you rallied behind this cause in an AMAZING way last year, and we were able to provide childcare for a lot of weeks in a row as a result of your dedication and service. THANK YOU!  

Since we've changed nights of week, we are working hard to re-group our team of volunteers and add a few more to the rotation. Always remember, the more adults we have on the rotation, the less frequently each person needs to serve! 

If you are interested in jumping ON the team for the first time, or jumping BACK ON to the team this year, just click HERE

Below, you'll see a baptism story (or HERE if you receive this blog via email). Ally got baptized by her small group leader who has a child that is watched each week by parents like you during the 2 hours of youth group. Without your support and the support of parents like you, stories like this one don't get told. THANK YOU! 

Ally Woodward's baptism that took place at Northridge Church during the Student Baptism Service at our Irondequoit Campus on June 14, 2015.

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