Invite Card - THE WKEND

Did your student come home with an Invite Card for THE WKEND? As they left Youth Group last week, your student got a business card sized invite card for THE WKEND. We're hoping that made it ALL THE WAY back home with them! These cards are just a simple way for you to remember this event is coming up, a tangible indicator that registration deadlines are coming fast AND an easy way for you to let another parent know about these details that your student might want to invite. 

The cards looks like this:

When you pick up/drop off on Wednesday Night, we'll have someone outside handing out these cards. We don't want you to forget about registering OR for you to miss out on giving these to someone who might need more information before they'd send their kid with us on this retreat. 

Remember - the registration deadline is September 30th! Just 9 Days away! We are praying hard for a great turnout and fantastic spiritual growth on this retreat. Thanks for your support! 

Aaron HixsonComment