How to Influence your Student Spiritually

Here at NYM, we are totally committed to making More and Better teen followers of Jesus Christ. And we're going to give our all to creating engaging environments where God's Word is central, training and recruiting awesome Small Group Leaders and putting on fun events. But, at the end of the day, we only have a fraction of the time with students that parents do. Now, we recognize that the time we get with them is different - we're a unique voice, and they might be more opening to listen to an SGL say something than you as a parent (even if it's the SAME EXACT THING!). 

But regardless, we believe God places every student in the family they are in and has given those parents the unique responsibility to lead their children toward authentic faith. We're here to help on you that journey. 

The video you'll see below (or HERE if you receive this blog via email) is one that can be found on the Northridge Equip website -  On that website, you can find hundreds of great resources on everything from parenting a teenager to texting etiquette for your teen or how to study your Bible. We'd encourage you to spend some time taking in those resources and growing in the areas where you're feeling like growth is necessary! 

This video is just a few ideas on how to spiritually influence your teen. Hopefully you find it helpful! 

Youth Pastor Aaron Hixson (Northridge Church, Rochester, NY) describes three important ways parents of teens can impact their student spiritually.

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