Parent Orientation Breakfast - One Week Away!

Seriously, you don't want to miss this orientation! It's a free breakfast - so why not?! Click below to RSVP: We'll be saving you a seat! 

It's only 1 week away. Your time is running out! Check out some thoughts from other parents who attended last year's orientation if you're STILL unsure! 

"Attending the NYM Parent Orientation last year was time well spent.  Seeing the vision for the ministry was helpful and meeting my daughter's youth leaders helped me appreciate the amazing relationship she has with each one of them.  I see their effect on her daily decisions.  Youth Leaders rock!"

"First of all we loved being able to put names and faces together..this was a great time to connect.  I loved hearing why these leaders enjoyed being involved in this ministry and some of their thoughts and goals for these students. I was especially grateful for the chance to add to the leaders knowledge about our daughter ~ to share what brings her joy and what things are a struggle.  I think we all came away learning something new!"

See you in a week!