THE WKEND - Donate to Support Students

THE WKEND is coming fast! If you haven't gotten registered yet, you can just click HERE. 

However, you might not know this, but we have created a place for you to donate money to help students attend NYM events who might not otherwise have the financial means to go. Almost every retreat, we have students and families indicate that they would like to be able to go, but their financial picture doesn't have room for this sort of thing. What's amazing is that even without a formal means of letting people donate, we have always had generous people send money our way to allow these students a chance to attend NYM's retreats. 

We want that SAME thing to continue happening, we just want to make it easy. Just click the button below to donate! 

You can find this donation page at our "Registration Info" page until "Events" in the future. 

Just so you know, we have a process of application for people to be able to receive these donated funds. They need to demonstrate a commitment to attending NYM, pay for a portion of their trip and write a Thank You note to the donor. These are just some simple steps we take to ensure that all of the money that is donated is carefully and conscientiously allotted, rather than treated flippantly. We want you to have confidence that NYM is handling this money with care - it's our promise to you that we'll make sure the right students receive the benefits of your generosity! 

Thanks for considering this! 

(Remember to RSVP for the Parent Orientation Breakfast by clicking HERE)

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