How do I help my 13-year-old with Social Media?

...without losing my mind? 

It might seem like social media gets talked about "too much", but the reality is that every teenager and every parent encounters temptations, struggles and questions surrounding the technology in our digital world. If parents are committed to helping their kids look and act like Jesus... what should they do? 

This article (Called How do I help my 13-Year Old with Social Media without Losing my mind) is NOT the final answer on social media. However, it's helpful. AND it is a starting place that will point you to other GREAT resources (like THIS book) or other series of blog posts or authors, etc. that might give you practical, helpful answers for these tough topics. 

The big question in life is this: What does the Bible say about this topic? Thankfully, the Bible has MUCH to say about how we live our lives on the internet. However, the Bible doesn't always have direct answers on the "nitty-gritty" of technology. Posts, authors, websites and books like the ones we reference (or that David Whiting references in his blog, or the ones found at are GREAT starting places for parents. 

None of this matters, though, if it doesn't get applied. What could you do differently TODAY as a result of what you read? What is one step you could take? 

We're here for you. Your child's Small Group Leader is there for you. Just reach out. Let's do this together! 

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